Working With Solo Ad Co Ops

Solo Ad Advertising is a great way to generate immediate traffic to your blog and generate a massive subscriber mailing list. Unless your blog is highly ranked or you have developed strong SEO skills, it’s difficult to generate income producing traffic to your site.

Pay-Per-Click can get expensive and banner ads are only so effective, but solo ads are proving to be a relatively affordable option. In most cases you’ll be paying $.30-$.35 per click with an opt-in rate that ranges from 20-50% depending on the offer. If you want to scale up your solo ad advertising efforts and pool your resources with members of your team, then you’ll need to set up a solo ad co-op. This article offers a few strategies to consider.

How To Set Up A Solo Ad Advertising Co-Op

1. Appoint A Point-Man
2. Establish a Account
3. Create And Use The Same Capture Page
4. Everyone Needs An Autoresponder
5. Results Aren’t Guaranteed

Appoint A Point-Man

Someone will have to administer the whole campaign and collect the funds. In network marketing that task is usually the responsibility of someone on the upline, but no matter what the circumstances are, someone has to agree to be the point man that everybody is comfortable with. Paypal has various accounts that can be established so that funds can be easily collected online. By the way, if you are trying to build a team of your own, setting up a co-op and helping your team generate leads is a great incentive for others to join you.

Establish a Account

In order to test, refine and evenly distribute the leads generated in your solo ad advertising campaign, the best thing to do is to set up an account at Hypetracker runs about $20 a month, but it’s one of the few ways to assure that leads get distributed evenly among your co-op partners. Everyone will include their email addresses in the system and the Hypertracker software will take care of evenly parceling out the leads.

Tracking, split testing and refining your ads is also critical and all the successful marketers using solo ad advertising measure, analyze and tweak their results. The Hypertracker system has everything you’ll need to for all of this.

Create And Use The Same Capture Page

Ad copy is critical to your solo ad advertising success and when establishing a solo ad co-op partnership everybody will need to use the same capture page. It’s pretty straight forward, but everyone must agree on one single ad. You can split test various options if there is initial disagreement, but only one capture page at a time is the rule of the road.

Solo Ad Advertising

Everyone Needs An Autoresponder

All the co-op members need to have a follow-up system in place before the ad is run. The best way to do this is for everyone to have their own autoresponder to capture the leads to begin establishing a relationship with the new leads in order to convert them into loyal subscribers to your list.

Results Are Not Guaranteed

While solo ads are effective, results vary. Everyone needs to know that there are all sort of variable involved and some ad campaigns can be gangbusters and others are duds. Just make sure everyone is aware of the risks before they join the co-op. Also make sure everyone understands that there are no refunds. The point-man is collecting the money and then paying for the ad, but if things don’t turn out so hot, then there are no refunds. That’s the way it was moving west, as my father use to say.

Final Thoughts

Solo ad advertising is an effective and proven way to generate traffic to you blog and at the same time build a loyal subscriber mailing list. In order to ramp up your efforts to make bigger ad buys and defray the costs, setting up a co-op is a great way to go. that way your establishing an organized business relationship where everybody knows how it will work and what to expect. offers a sophisticated platform to test, track and tweak ad campaigns, plus it offers a solution for evenly distributing the leads that are generated.

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