Get Started With Solo Ads Today

Do you know what a solo ad is or even know how to write one? This is different from a regular ad and here is why!

A solo ad is an e-mail advertisement that is sent out by publishers of an ezine. This is a single ad that is sent to their list. Your ad is the only ad in the e-mail, hence the name solo.

Everyone needs more visitors to their site and by writing a solo ad you can attract customers to visit your site. Begin by finding the problem of your customer and solve it with in the solo ad.

Use short paragraphs to get your point across with in the article. Placing bullet points with in the ad is another great idea. Anything is acceptable, even using all capital letters with a sentence to attract attention to a certain line with in the solo ad.

You can make this as short or long as you would like, but generally about 500 words works best. Just make sure you cover everything in detail.

Here are some important parts of a solo ad, make sure you hit all these points.

  • Headline – This is the subject to the e-mail so make it something that grabs the attention of the reader so they do actually open and read it.
  • Statement – What your product or service will do for your customer.
  • Benefit – Plain and simply what is in it for them.
  • Incentive – Tell them why they need you product or service.
  • Proof – Give some testimonies about how your product has helped others.
  • Call to action – Be very specific here, tell them exactly what you want them to do.

How about making a promise of some kind and then remind them if they don’t act today that the price will go up tomorrow. Something like, go and grab your free training today on how to become successful, because tomorrow I will be charging $49.95 for the same thing. See how powerful this is statement becomes, you are telling them to take action now.

You could also try to create some curiosity for them to want to go and check this out. Just be creative with this one, there are so many different things you could do. Remember the job of the solo ad is to get the click.

Do a Google search and find an ezine with in your niche, then contact that publisher directly and ask for a deal. Tell them that you will run a solo ad every week for a month, and if it is successful you will be doing more business with them soon. They may do it for you and if not at least you gave it a try.

Just think about it like this if you find an ezine with 20,000 or my be even 50,000 people, then your solo ad goes out to the entire list. This is why a solo ad is so powerful. So this is my advice to you, get started writing a 500 word article about your product or service and contact that ezine publisher and start getting traffic to your site. It’s really not all that difficult once you know how to write that solo ad.

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